Reading this article by Isabelle Kerr just makes me laugh, I mean it is quite hard to put sense into a person with such moronic views. To start off Kerr messed up right at the start in the title where she makes the claim “young people don’t speak like that – I should know” Everyone speaks how they wish to speak, just because you might be young and you do not use slang words, you can not assume that every other young person doesn’t. Now as I read on I am just filled with more laughter, honestly she should become a comedian instead #ouch.

Kerr goes on to express her views saying “the future of the English language looks bleak.” see the problem with this? If you said “Yeah, how can you call the future of the English language bleak just because it is evolving, we don’t speak like Shakespeare still do we?” then you get full marks, 10 brownie points. OK enough making fun of Kerr, for now.

As I read further down I see that Kerr has quoted comments on twitter that magically back her views perfectly, maybe she has quoted her tweets, we will never know since there is no link or screenshot for the tweets. Top tip Kerr, if you want to back up your point with quotes then at least prove the validity of the source and maybe I would not be laughing so much at your argument.

Kerr also states that she had to Google the word ‘twerking’ which in a way contradicts her point. Kerr is saying these words should not be in the dictionary  you know, the book you read to find out what a word means but she herself needed to look up what ‘twerking’ meant. How can you Google what a word means and then proceed to say that you should not be able to look it up, are we banning words now? because I would like to ban the words ‘Isabelle’ and ‘Kerr’.

Kerr goes on and on and states that these slang words portray the youth today as “ASBO-wielding yobs who can’t communicate properly” but language works on understanding, these “ASBO-wielding yobs” are capable of understanding each other, just because you can’t understand them does not mean they can not communicate properly. Take Spanish speakers, I personally do not understand Spanish but if I hear two people conversing in Spanish I do not claim that they are band at communicating.

Now as I reach the end of Kerr’s article I see something so ironic, Kerr points out that if the dictionary thinks that the young generation speaks with all that slang then the dictionary needs a ‘reality check’. Do you see it? No? Kerr is putting up and argument, be it a rubbish one that colloquial language which is word or phrase used in informal language, should not exist as it is ruining the English language, Can you see the problem yet? “reality check” is a colloquial phrase it self so how can Kerr use a colloquial term in an argument against colloquial terms?

Finally the icing on the cake, Kerr states “Shakespeare would be turning in his grave” which would suggest that he would be disgusted with these made up terms but does She not know that Shakespeare made up a truck load of words that we use to this day? A lot of words we use today were actually slang that Shakespeare had made up in his plays so maybe Kerr should research that. Isabelle Kerr, you’re wrong and I have just proven that. I gave you a 3 course meal of truth so maybe you should rethink your views on these ‘slang’ words.


I can tell you know that the way the game of rugby is changing is making it worse. As a front row player there was nothing I enjoyed more that a good scrum, the act of over 500kg of body mass clashing together in a battle of power and strength. The scrum is a way to determine to power a team has and can often decide who wins or loses on game day. When the ref blew the whistle I would look straight at him and I would look for the hand gesture for a scrum down, the elbows bent, fingertips touching followed by the arm to signal what team had the scrum. For me this hand signal was the equivalent to a matador’s red flag and I was the bull. The way the scrum use to work was that you would all form up and squeeze all 8 bodies as tight as you can and you would be facing your opponent, on the command “crouch” everyone would squat down and the second row gets up on their feet. This was go time, the ref would give the command “touch” this told the props to touch each other where they plan on binding with the hands but props often took this command as a cue to punch the opposing prop, then comes the command “pause” this was the orange lighting sequence in a drag race, you are about to slam to accelerator and smash into your opponent. The best thing about the pause command is that the ref decided how long the pause would be so you would just be staring at your opposing prop trying to drill fear into him. The next and final command was “engage” this was the green light, this was signal to clash bodies and push for your life, there would be grunts from players as their bodies hit and sometimes the chant of  “2, 3. push”.

Now this method was put under investigation a couple of years ago and it was deemed “too dangerous to the sport”, which is complete rubbish because rugby is one of the most physical sports, almost everything in rugby involves players running into other players at full speed. The reason why this method of scrummaging was deemed too dangerous is because of the risk of injury, some science boffin that has probably never played the game has said that when the players clash together there is not enough time to set right so the scrum could collapse. This is funny because there is always the chance the scrum could collapse you can not prevent it. The IRB then changed how the scrum is set up in an effort to make the game safer so at all levels the scrum commands have changed.

The new, and by new I really mean rubbish way of scrummaging has ruined the excitement for me, I mean I still do like a good scrum because it’s still that mass of bodies competing for the ball, but now I can not enjoy it as much as I used to. The way the scrum works now is that the two teams form together like before, squeezing every last bit of air between the 8 men, then the same “crouch” command is given but this time instead of the “touch(punch)” command we are given a “bind” command. This command tells the props to bind on to each other securely and then the ref checks the bindings. The only good thing about this is that you can then use your hand to put the prop in a bad position to push, like pushing their shoulder down which puts you at an advantage. We then get the “set” command which is the one I hate the most, this command tells the two packs to come together and set up ready to push but we can not push yet. The ref then will tell the scrum half to put the ball in and once it is in we can push. Often scrums are reset twice because of an early push which shows this is not a good way of scrummaging. So if the RFU/IRB is reading this then please change it back to the good ol’ way.

London, an interesting place, able to change to a different scene by night. In the day you’re at the bus stop, maybe you’re going to work, going to see your mates or just fancy a little travel, the sight of the iconic red bus brings relief. Your means of transport is here, you step on and tap in, listening for that beep and looking for the green light. You look down the bus and there’s a seat right at the back, whilst sitting there on the way to your destination you look out each window, admiring the view. The trees are swaying, leaves are being carried away, you notice a wide variety of cultures walking down streets, coupled in love walking past, the sun brings out the scratches in the windows so brilliantly it’s like a piece of art.. Every thing is clear and then you hear the ibus system call out your stop so you press the red bell, listening for that signature ring to let the driver know you want to get off. The doors open and you step out and watch the red bus drive away, people just starting their journey whilst you end yours. Now one of the best things about the London buses apart from how frequently they come is that most routes now have a night bus operating, being on the night bus is the complete oppose of the day bus and sometimes you can’t help but feel sorry for the bus driver. I guess you could say that the driver pulled the short straw, working the graveyard shift, driving a bus in the gloomy hours of the night till the morning. All of a sudden the iconic bright red bus looks strangely dark, it creeps along looking almost black and white with the street lamps colouring it in. It’s all just so creepy. This time you’re at the stop on your own, now and then a car drives past, lights on full beam. You see your bus approaching, recognisable only by the destination banner on the front, as it approaches you become blinded in the big blur of the headlights. Once you step on you can’t help but notice that the driver looks soulless, he doesn’t even glance over at you. The oyster machine is broke, you walk down the bus and sit in the same seat, there’s only you and one other person on the lower deck and he has his headphones in. You’re sitting there at the back staring out the windows but is there really a need? It’s not like you can see anything. The only thing noticeable is the street lamps and how they pass by every 5 seconds. Yes you actually counted how many seconds between each street lamp, you are that bored. In the day it seemed as if an hour journey took 5 minutes but now it’s like you’ve been there for days, the clocks stopped. All of a sudden you hear your bus stop being called, you almost missed it though, you were almost in a trance. You step off and feel a sigh of relief, you’re finally home ready to end the day and start a new one.

Jem comes to realise that in the society a predominant theme is racism and that everyone seems to think that if the person is a different tone from white then they are not a person and therefore should be treated as animals. However atticus believes otherwise and chooses to stick up for the darker skin tone even though he could get in trouble. I think this gives the ethnic minority in the novel a sense of hope because even though they are not White atticus still decided to help them in the lawsuit. In the book it is clear that Jem sees how cruel the society is, an example of this is in chapter 23 where Jem says “I think I’m beginning to understand why boo radleys stayed shut in his house all the time … It’s because he wants to stay inside”. the reason why he wants to stay inside is because he does not want to face the reality of the society they live in, so he stays in to avoid discrimination.!

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There I was laying dead straight arms by my side in a stretcher and neck brace, being rushed to hospital, my vision was blurred and my body numbed. All I remember is the ambulance crew standing over me, lips moving but no words were coming out, I tried to move but no matter how hard I tried I just could not. The worst bit about all of this was that it was all silent… I had just moved into my new house, four bedroom, two toilets and a lovely back garden, the area was very nice only three other houses in sight, the rest was woods. Tall bushy trees they were, and loads of them at that. I began to move my stuff in as you do, it was getting to about six in the evening and was already very dark so I decided to have dinner overlooking the woods. suddenly a loud banging noise comes from the door, I paused and walked over to the door and when I opened it, it was the neighbors on their way home, they had just stopped over to welcome me to the area. I was a bit freaked out but was grateful like anyone would. I was not really listening to them as I really wanted to get back to my tea, but I can remember them mentioning to be careful at night and avoid going out and something about remembering to lock the doors, I wish I had listened because later on it come back to bite me in the backside. It was morning and it was all bright and beautiful, the sun was shining and you could see for miles, nothing seemed unusual. As the ebony night appeared I decided it was time to get to sleep, as I’m walking up the stairs I had nothing in my mind, I had not realized yet but I had forget to lock my front door. I’m in bed and I hear a noise, at the time I thought nothing to it and went to sleep. A loud bang wakes me up in the middle of the night, outside my window is the heavy darkness, the trees barely visible, I was scared at this point and I proceeded to walk downstairs to see what the thud was, as I emerge from the safety of the upstairs landing I can see my back door slowly creak open. I immediately felt a cold shiver rush down my spine from head to toe. Bravely I went to investigate, now if horror movies had taught me anything it was that this was a bad idea but it wasn’t a film so I thought it would be alright. As I slowly creped up towards the white wooden door blew wide open as a huge gust came rushing in. That was the moment when I realized that it was really windy that night as I locked the back door I went to check the front door and luckily it was locked, thinking I was safe I strolled back to bed. As I’m walking upstairs every light in the house turns off without a sound, well every light apart from the sculpted glass chandelier in the living room. I thought someone was messing with me so I shouted down “who’s there? Show yourself” And at that point the two locked doors blew right off their hinges as if there was an invisible explosion. I frantically sprinted upstairs and grabbed by torch and gun and slowly proceeded downstairs. I get to the bottom and I get the feeling of a cold hand resting on my shoulder… No one was there. I get a view of the living room with my wide beamed torch and I see a dark spot in the corner that seems to be moving then without a chance to blink I fired at that spot placing 3 bullet holes through my wall, I checked if something was still there and I couldn’t find any sign. I know that there was no one behind me but somehow I was pushed down the bottom few steps into my living room. I had feel right underneath the glowing glass chandelier that swaying with wind, I tried my hardest but I couldn’t move not even a finger, I heard a shrill, dragged out child’s laugh as the chandelier came crashing down on top of me, I wasn’t I knocked out but I had lost all hearing and sense of feel and just as my eyes closed I saw a silhouette of a young Girl with long brunette hair. She blew a kiss and that was it, I was gone… I write this as a statement for the authorities, I have just got back from re constructive surgery for my face but I’m ok, I’ll live. I suppose the moral of all of this is to make sure you lock your doors at night, because you never know who could be watching you…

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The two characters I have chosen for my essay are napoleon and snowball, this is because I think that they are two very different types of leaders. Animal farm is written by George Orwell and represents the Russian revolution with animals. In the book Trotsky is represented by snowball and Stalin represented by napoleon. Starting with napoleon, he likes power and when he gets power he uses it to do what he wants and forces people to go with it. Snowball on the other hand likes power but uses democracy to make ideas better, making a better life for the people he’s in control of. When trying to achieve something that they want napoleon will use force to make people agree with him, maybe using people to make him seem like a better person and believe that what he is doing is the right thing to do when in fact it is the opposite(brainwashes you). Snowball on the other hand will present the idea to the targeted people/audience and uses democracy, then he makes it better so more people(or in this case animals) this way makes a lot more people happier and better in the long run. The author of the book, George Orwell wants his readers to think of the Russian revolution and the people involved in it. He does this in a genius way by putting them into animals and using that to interpret the Russian revolution. One way the book represents the revolution is the start, in the start the animals (people of the revolution) chase out Mr.Jones (tsar Nicholas 2) I think the way the author has done this is very good and that is why the book is also interesting to read. So George Orwell wants us to think about the characters (in my case, snowball and napoleon) in the same way that the people felt about the leaders in the revolution. I think that George Orwell has succeeded in doing that.

  • Should mobile phones be allowed in school? Mobile phones are thought of as a distraction to schoolwork so most schools ban them, but are they? Without thinking people don’t see that phones can be really beneficial. Pupils can use their phones as a way to contact emergency services and parents/careers. mobile phones can also be used as a learning aid and research tools. Overall I think it would be a good decision to allow the use of mobiles in school.

    The 20 steps after animal farm begin with old major was on the stand and was giving a speech of a rebellion against jones 2. They made a song about the better yet to come from a soon to be rebellion. 3. Old major died peacefully in his sleep buried at the foot of the orchard. 4. The animals all agreed and wrote down the seven commandments of animal farm. 5.the animals start to learn to read and write the alphabet. 6.the animals started the rebellion against jones, sending him out. 7.they created the award, animal hero first class and snowball was awarded of that. 8.they find a way together round the human tools that they can’t use. 9.snowball announced his plans for the windmill. 10.napoleon scared snowball out of the farm making him leader. To be continued.

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    Friar Lawrence, learning that Romeo has not received his letter, hurries to capulets vault. Paris praying at Juliet’s tomb encounters Romeo they then fight, Paris dies, friar Lawrence can’t save Romeo who has now swallowed the poison, juliet kills herself.

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    Tuesday morning in Friar Lawrence’s cell, friar Lawrence has a solution to the situation. the capulets are getting ready for the wedding, Juliet promises her father she will listen to him, and they move the wedding day. Tuesday night Juliet’s bedroom,although she is scared, she takes the drug. Early Wednesday morning capulets house, the capulets household prepares for the wedding, nurse goes to wake Juliet.


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